Not Just Nails

I have always loved painting my nails new colors but have been too scared to be adventurous when it came to colors and such. Thanks to Sara Bacon, I no longer have a fear of fun nails and have taken on a new obsession with my nails. Sara always has amazing fun, interesting, artsy, colorful nails and I love it. She has inspired the magnificent nails you see below that I did and thought of all on my own! (Thanks to her nail polish it was made possible)I decided to do a fun summer color with flare and paint silver glittered french tips.

Lucky for me Sara lives just 8 floors above me and I can walk up and shop for colors from her ginormous nail polish collection. You could probably wear a different color for a year she has so many, it’s amazing and actually looks like art the way she has it displayed! With my new found obsession, I have slowly been acquiring my own nail polish collection. I am so excited to try new colors, designs and nail art and see where I can this. I think I did pretty good on my first job if I don’t say so myself. But I’m not going to lie here people, it takes hard core dedication, patience and time to have your nails looking good at all times. It takes time for the paint to dry, it takes even more time to do a fun design, and even more time and lots of nail polish remover to undo all the nail action. But I have to say, its SO worth it!


  1. Where did you get that color?? I'm obsessed.

  2. Hehe yay so glad I've inspired your nail painting ideas! You did such an awesome job on these, I might have to try something similar one of these days. You're welcome to borrow my colors anytime :)