Glitter Stripe Power

For Halloween this year I decided last minute I was going to be Black Swan, so of course I had to whip up some cool nails to go with it. I wanted a dark color nail with flare so I used my new Wet n Wild Blue Moon color with Art Deco silver sparkles.

I am pretty obsessed with the Blue Moon color, the pictures don't due its justice. Its such a pretty color.

I started by getting out this Sally Hansen french manicure kit I found in the back of my drawer the other day and used that to tape off where I wanted the stripes to be.

I quickly realized its easiest to tape off just the end of the stripes and freehand the actual stripes because making a line of stripes with glitter is pretty fool proof.

A nice thing about glitter too is that it usually drys faster than normal polish so not long after I threw on some top coat and was ready to go!



Black + White = Hints of Yellow

Yesterday Sara and I decided to go for a walk with the sun shining brightly on a gorgeous Fall afternoon. The leaves are beginning to change and in some cases have already completely fallen on some trees and its so pretty. My fave part of Fall is seeing the leaves turn vibrant reds, oranges and yellows making it look like the trees are on fire.



Outfit: Sunnies - Chanel, Blouse & Pants - H&M, Clutch - F21, Shoes - Aldo


Rosie Nails

I have been pretty ambitious lately with my nails and thought I would keep up with it since everyone loves it and I of course do too! I decided to go with something a little artsy and do some little purple flowers on all my nails.

I started by painting the white coat first.

Once it was pretty dry I grabbed a purple color and basically just made a blob on my nail. If I had a dot tool it would have been easier but still not that hard.

Once those were pretty dry, didn't take long, I began using the dark purple polish which is an art polish with a skinny tip and began drawing little "peddles".

 Once I finished the peddles I took a green polish and began to make the  leaves. I don't have a tool for that either which would have been nice but oh well, I just very carefully tried to freehand. Then I finished with a top coat.


Perfect Guy Umbrella's

Last week I was trotting around town and went in this random little store I pop into some times and came across THE perfect umbrella for any guy. These umbrella's were all black and the ends of them were sword like thingys. I am not a guy so I don't know what they are called but one was like a ninja end, one was a sword like one and one was errrrrrrr I don't know, a different type one. If my boyfriend didn't lose every single umbrella we ever buy or find I would probably buy this for him ($35), but since he loses them all the time I am not wasting that money. Maybe I should go back and buy one for myself! Hmmmmm! They are just too cool!

Ok shoot I want one for myself now!


TEN Facts of Nicole Marie

Oops, sorry, haven't posted in a few days I was kind of lazy I guess. Anywho, thought I would share a little Nicole Marie 411.

1) I use sunscreen on my face everyday, even in the winter.

2) I have a bad habit of running my fingers through my hair and pulling out all the loose hairs. I hope I don’t go bald faster because of this.

3) I hate working out with a passion. The mere thought of it makes me cringe. I go through phases though, a month from now I could turn into a work-out-o-holic.

4) I'm a foodoholic. I love Mexican, Thai and Japanese food. I hate American food.

5) I love Reality TV. I can't help it. Something about it gets me going.

6) I own just over 100 pairs of shoes and yet I still don’t have enough.

7) My shopping addiction is getting worse and worse, maybe it’s time to change careers and be a personal shopper or stylist so I can shop for others and not spend all my own money. Might help satisfy the craving, then again, it could make me want to shop more. Shoot.

8) I want a puppy badly but I couldn’t even handle two fish. After a week I tried to flush them down the toilet before my boyfriend stopped me.

9) I love everything Disney. I love DisneyWorld, Disney Movies and Minnie Mouse.

10) I have a special pillow that I travel with everywhere. I have taken it all over Europe, Central and South America, Mexico and all over the US. Sensitive neck.

Extra Surprise: Tetter-Totters make me laugh uncontrollably.


Pumpkin Carving

Sara and I decided to have a little Sunday funday and had a whole fun evening planned. We began our funday with a bottle of vino, then lit Sara fireplace candle (has a special wick to make it sound like a fireplace with real wood burning, smelled like cinnamon) next we baked some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

After we decided on what we were going to carve our pumpkins we put on The Nightmare Before Christmas (one of my fave movies ever) and began our carving adventure. Pumpkin carving is way harder than I thought, the next day I even had a blister! I decided to carve some witches shoes inspired by my friend Kim and Sara made a cute little kitty cat. After we were finished we baked the pumpkin seeds with salt and garlic, made some tea and re-watched the movie since we didn't really pay attention to it whilst carving. Fantastic Sunday Funday!

It is now Thursday and I think I already have to throw my pumpkin out. It's already getting gross, boooooo :( I thought it would last longer. Oh well, was fun while it lasted.


Fashion Inspiration

One of my favorite fashion inspirations is Miss Rachel Bilson. I absolutely love her look. She is always dressed so effortlessly chic, fun and girly. She loves to play with clothes and I love that about her but she also stays true to herself and her unique style. Can I rummage through your closet please Rachel, thanks! :)

Love her!


Forever Love

Oh how I love Forever 21. I don't know how some people can hate it. Why would anyone hate amazing style at amazing prices? Yes it can get a bit overwhelming in there at times and yes they do have some trashy stuff, but if you are an expert shopper like me and know your way around the store it is easy to pick out and find the good stuff.

My outfit below is all from Forever 21 minus the shoes, those are Jessica Simpson.