Counsins Corner: Who knew?

Who knew that these 3 adorable faces (minus the random in the middle):

would one day grow up to be these 3 amigas?

Because it certainly didn't start out that way.

I am pretty sure I was completely fine being an only child, only cousin, and the only love of everyone around me. I am pretty sure I also hated when my parents introduced me to my little cousin for the first time. She was bald, smelled weird, and didn't do anything but get in my way.

Then came the years of having to share my birthdays with her (she couldn't grasp the fact that other people had birthdays besides her selfish self!), having to always invite her to my sleepovers (soooo annoying), and ALWAYS having to understand that I couldn't hit and kick her because she was "my younger, smaller cousin" (over exaggerated eye roll).

I don't remember the exact moment when all of this changed (I'm shocked that it even did), but somehow, somewhere between the backseat bronco rides, the burger king Saturdays, and the multiple trips to the family radiator shop (yep; it's as boring as it sounds), we became not only cousins but friends.

These days, we can't get enough of eachother and all the childhood memories make for the funniest stories ever told. (or so we think....and continue to tell.)

I am happy to introduce myself as Cole's proud, happy, older cousin and look forward to the stories that are sure to come....

I mean really, who doesn't love a little Adames (currently Barragan) storytelling?

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