Don't Freeze

I suppose there are some nice things about winter. It's fun to cuddle under the blankets and watch movies all day long and ummmmm, that's pretty much all I got right now. I am a summer baby; I love the sun, I love swimming, I love wearing sun dresses, swimsuits and sandals and I love the beach. This time of year is always particularly hard for me knowing that soon my beloved sunshine will be gone until June of next year and I will be cooped up in my house until then.

If I do have to leave the comforts of my sweet pad, I am going to need some amazing coats to shield me from whatever weather might meet me outside. Below I have gathered some fun coats and jackets to keep the winter fun, funky and alive.

So after finding these fabulous fashion finds I guess winter can be fun. Keep warm.


  1. Obsessed! I want all of themmmmmmmmm

  2. Sooo many cute ones!! Love them. Hate winter.