Rent The Runway

I don’t know about all you girls out there, but for me, I get super excited to go to any event where I can dress up and get beautified for an evening out. Dressing up is a lot of work but so much fun. I love getting my hair did all fancy, wearing excessive amounts of makeup, getting pedicures and manicures, and dressing in a shiny new dress.  Ooooo the excitement a fabulous new dress brings me, ugh, love it.

Upon every event I somehow find myself saying, “I have nothing to wear!!!”, yet I look over to see a full closet of clothes. Of course none of them are right for this particular event and I need a new dress that is just right.

That is where Rent the Runway comes in. Rent the Runway is about being able to wear fabulous designer clothes to any event. Love.Wear.Return. is their slogan. Unfortunately, as the slogan says, you do not get to keep the fabulocity that is gracing your skin. I don’t know about you, but for me being able to wear a Haute Hippie, Alice + Olivia, Nicole Miller, or Christian Siriano dress for a night is so worth it. If it’s an extreme dress it’s not like you will wear it again anyway so mine as well rent it!

If you didn’t notice, RED was the hot color of the Emmy’s redcarpet last night. Red was on all the hottest starts in all sorts of styles. Below is a few of my favorite red picks on RTR.

A few tips and need to knows about shopping on Rent the Runway:

     * For and extra $25 you can pick a second dress so you have two to choose from
        in case the first doesn’t work out.

     * If the dress doesn't fit, you don't pay. Which is great because they already 
        send you two sizes, so if the dress just doesn't fit your body type then you only
        lose your shipping cost and not the complete rental cost.

     * If you not sure what kind of dress to wear to a certain event, you can shop by
        "occasion" to help you narrow down the right dress for your event.

     * It's a good idea to add the $5 insurance in case you accidentally dribble or tear 
        the masterpiece you are covered and do not have to pay for the entire dress. 
        (Which could be thousands! Specially if you have expensive taste like me.)

     * Best tip of all is you can get rental credits! For each friend you invite, RTR will 
        credit your account with $20 after your friend’s first rental order has been 
        placed and shipped. SHOP NOW

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