Friend + Living in same building = Awesome

Having a good friend live in the same building as you is amazing. It’s like having a roomie, but without the personal space encroachment. At the end of the day you each have your separate space and can then run around naked if you shall feel inclined to. What’s even more amazing is when that friend is also currently unemployed. Which means that we can eat, play be lazy together at any time we feel like (and we do!).

Here are some top reasons why having a friend in the building is amazing:
  • I really can borrow a cup of sugar if I need it.
  • We borrow each other’s clothes, shoes, nail polish and accessories. It’s like having a second closet ;)
  • We try to wake each other up in the morning and work out. Notice the try. Sometimes we are  successful, sometimes we aren’t.
  • We can grocery shop together at weird hours.
  • She is Super Sara and kills spiders for me. (My fave perk. Heehee)
  • We can have a bottle of wine in our pajamas and walk home a few feet.
  • If you run out of envelopes she has one.
  • If your new computer doesn’t have a camera card holder and you lost your camera cord you can upload them to her computer.
  • She can teach you how to create a blog.
  • If you need help hanging a painting, you have help.
  • If you are on your last bit of food you can put your food together and make a meal out of it.
  • You can lay out on the back patio in the sun at noon.
  • It’s fun to play Super Nintendo together till late night on a Wednesday because you don’t have to be up early for work on Thursday.
  • We get to go on fun trips in the middle of the week to Vancouver, Canada and the zoo!

I think you get the point. Its darn good fun to have a….shall we call it Buildie buddy?! It was perfect timing that we both got laid off at almost the same time. I am having the time of my life. Next up on our to-do list is:

  • PJ and movie day all day while consuming lots of bad food.
  • Visiting museums and other sites around Portland.
  • Eating at some restaurants we have been dying to eat at since we both moved to Portland just never got around to doing.

    The only thing that sucks is that we can’t go shopping 24/7. We both LOVE shopping and staying away from a mall when you are bored is extremely hard. I think about it at least once a day. It’s calling my name from here, I can hear it. Someone hire me as a personal stylist please!!!

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    1. hahaha yesssss!!!! seriously the best!!! and the wine in our pj's thing sounds real good, let's plan that soon. see you soon probably!!!