Colorful Clouds

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I have been in the process of packing and moving (not fun stuff). I am just moving down the street but still so hard to move! But, I am finally done and will be up and running again! =)

This is the first time I have tried nails like these. No special tools were used for this design. The trick is practice and a steady hand. What you have to do is grab a brush and dip it in the polish, scrape off one side of the polish back into the polish jar. Then wait a second for the rest of the polish to drip off the end of the brush. This is the secret: you need to wait until the polish is just about to drip off the brush, then you swipe it down your nail and it will make the perfect half circle design you see on my nails. Trying it on a piece of paper first will help. Maybe I will make a tutorial for it the next time I do it! =)


Dalmatian Nails

I don't know why but these nails remind me of Dalmatians. Haha! Maybe I get it from the movie 101 Dalmatians or something! Actually, I just did a search and look what I found:

Haha! I guess I wasn't going crazy! I really was channeling my inner Dalmatians! =) I love that movie!


Refurbished Earrings

I have a lot of old earrings that are either worn out or out-dated so thought I would freshen them up with a little paint job.

I grabbed the below earrings and thought, I haven't worn these in forever so I must not like them anymore, I shall paint them. I sat there for a day or two wondering what color to paint them. I had my big bin of nail polish out on my counter and happened to look down and BAM there is was looking at me, the perfect color to do them in was looking right at me. I  think I got pretty lucky on this one because of the crevasses on the metal, it turned out to make the earrings look kind of vintagy, don't you think? Super fun! I used a matte green color from Nordstrom.





Valentine Nails

Love is in the air!


I used Konad stamper plate M3 for the hearts. The main polish color is Magenta by F21. The dots were done with dotting tools.

Have a great V-Day with your loved ones!  


Valentine's Day Gift Idea's

Honestly I feel like Valentine's Day is just a Hallmark holiday used to sell lots of candy, cards and flowers in an otherwise slow but steady market. Usually I do not participate in any of these Hallmark holidays because I believe you should celebrate your love for one another every day and not just on a day someone tells you to. Anyway, if you would like to participate in the most romantic and love filled holiday of the year, then here are a few fun ideas of things to get your significant other!

1. Get even closer to your loved one in the cold with this adorbs heart shaped mitten made for TWO! It is actually made by a girl here in Portland, and gosh so we need it up here in this 35 degree weather!!

2. These pillow cases are to die for. There are some for every kind of couple, here are a few:

Top Left: "You're Irresistible" Top Right: "No Matter The Miles"
Bottom Left: "Catch My Love" Bottom Right: "My Heart Belongs To You"
Find all these adorable pillows HERE

3. If you want to be dorky yet cute, get these fun shirts to wear together!

  • For this gift you will probably have to hint to him you want this or buy it for yourself and use it as an excuse for being festive. 
  • Vintage Heart Hand Embroidered Locket 

  • Flying Heart Art Print 'The Heart Thief'

  • Super cool phone holder

  •  Vintage Coin Cuff Links

  •  Zebra Wood Sunnies

Enjoy your V-Day with the ones you love!


Weekend Finds

This weekend was a pretty good shopping weekend. My friend Sarah and I decided to do a little vintage shopping on the Eastside of Portland on Sunday and I think I came out pretty successful and had a ton of fun! Check it out!

Vintage $8

 Vintage $8

Vintage Capezio $5
Sans Souci FREE (exchanged some old clothes at Buffalo Exchange)

Chinese coin bracelet and necklace charm $1.70
Old Navy FREE (exchanged some old clothes at Buffalo Exchange)

I scored on this one!

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