Fall Dresses

DRESSES DRESSES DRESSES! I have always loved wearing dresses. Even when I was a young girl I would wear dresses handmade by my grandma everywhere, even on the playground. I would twirl, climb on the monkey bars, ride the slide and play in the sandbox all while wearing a dress. At one point in my life I wouldn't wear anything but a dress.

As I am sure you have guessed, this post is all about dresses. I wanted to share that just because the sky is getting darker, the sun is gone and the rain has begun, does not mean you have to put away your summer dresses.

To wear your dress in the winter just follow some simple tips:
  • Put a silk, chiffon or sheer blouse under your dress
  • Wear a fun furry vest over the dress (see below)
  • Rock a pair of patterned tights under the dress (see below)
  • Throw a great tailored blazer over the dress
  • Warm it up with throwing a thick knit sweater over it so it looks like a skirt

Below you will find some great fall dresses I found that are perfect for any weather and any event. You can also pair any of these dresses with tights, vests, blazers and sweaters.


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