Killing the Enemy

The other day was one of the scariest moments of my life and it happened twice. Anyone who knows me knows I hate spiders, probably more than any other animal in the world. In reality its pretty crazy how someone can be as scare as I am of a little thing that I am 100 times bigger than, but they gross me out and scare me. 

My first run-in with a spider and me was about a little over week ago, I was walking from my bathroom to go into my living room and saw something huge moving toward me on the floor. To my horror it was a huge spider and a brownish color. I immediately started sweating and didn’t know what to do because I was the only one home. It was too big to let run around my house, so I knew I had to kill it somehow. I grabbed a shoe and after a few minutes worked up the courage to hit it. *bam* missed, *bam* got half of it (I’m in tears at this point), it’s still squirming half dead, so I then grabbed the vacuum and tried to suck it up but had to use the hose. That was scary too because I knew my hand would have to get closer to the spider than I am comfortable with. I finally got the sucker, yet for a few hours after I still had goose bumps and was traumatized. After I told this to my friend Sara in my building, she laughed and felt bad that I had to do that and told me I could call her anytime and should would kill them for me!! So awesome right?! 

Well a few days after that spider incident, I am chillin in my living room at 1:30am watching some TV and I see something run across my living floor. I have to give it to the spider, it was pretty smart. It was booking it to my back door trying to head outside but it wasn’t smart enough to make the 2 inch trek up the lip of the door to actually make it outside, soooooo I had to kill it somehow since it was now headed for my couch. I thought first, let me text Sara, she could still be up. No response, crap! What do I do now? I grabbed the vacuum again and started trying to run it over, it was in a corner so I could not get it to. I am mad at this point and still freaking out and just want it to go away. I then bust out the hose extension to suck it up, but obviously I couldn’t get my hand that close to it, I mean what if something happened and it came flying at me. So I threw the hose down near it and pushed it towards my enemy from a far. Took a while and finally got it and left the vacuum running for a bit just in case. My vacuum is still sitting in the corner where I left it a few days ago after the spiders death. Guess it’s time to put it away. Ugh still gives me the heebie geebies thinking about it.

 P.S. I couldn't even include a picture in this post that's how creeped out I get. Yuck!

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  1. Reminds me of the other day you made me get the "dead" spider off the wall in you're den..the "huge" one...the size of a pin head lol. I think I've had 1 spider since moving to Portland, but what I used to do is spray them with hairspray! IDK why you have so many!!!???