People Watching

People watching is one of my favorite things to do. People are so fascinating. For example, why does the grown man next to me at Starbucks push his black pug around in a large doggie stroller and talk to him as if he is a human. I mean, of course everyone talks to their pets, but he was pretty much having a full blown conversation with his dog. So then I ponder, does he make up his dogs (let’s call him Jamal), answer in his head to keep the conversation flowing or does Jamal’s owner just keep saying random thoughts that pop into his head to Jamal. I tried to take a picture of the awesomeness (see below).
P.S. Lots of people here push their dogs in strollers, I find it utterly disturbing.

I also find fascinating the horrible fashion choices people here in Oregon make, for example……

* I really don’t understand the Tevas with socks. I mean really people?!! With any sandals this is a MAJOR fashion bomb, but especially in the summer, aren’t your feet hot at least? Does this mean you have terribly ugly feet and don’t want the public to be scared of your talons or for some weird reason you think it is more comfortable? I don’t get it.

* These new toe shoe things everyone is wearing is disgusting. I am sure you have all seen them at one point. They are shoes, but have individual slots for all five if your toes. Feet are already gross enough but to wear shoes that form to all of your toes, I am mortified. They say that these shoes are good for running in because they are easier on your body or something, but to wear them around town like regular shoes……unacceptable. Please stop, I beg of you.

* North Face jackets. These are not fashionable and should only be worn when it is snowing outside, even then a cute fur coat would do more justice. For one it’s probably warmer and two, it’s easier on the eye. Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you should dress like mountaineer. And ladies please, don’t wear these over a dress, come on now.

A really fun thing about people watching is when I actually see cute clothes on someone, I get excited. I like seeing girls and guys dressed in a brain stimulating outfit, it gets my creative juices going and makes me want to go shopping immediately (my most favorite thing in the whole world). I could no joke, go shopping 10 hours a day and still not get bored with it. I should have gone into styling, I want to be Rachel Zoe. If I could be her someday soon that would be great and I would be the happiest girl in the world.

Lastly, people watching is fun when you are at a bar. It is funny to see when guys get shot down, (is that mean?), it’s funny to watch when you can tell a girl doesn’t want to talk to the guy yet he doesn’t get the hint and still keeps talking to her. It’s fun to watch people dance who think they are amazing dancers and they are just plain terrible (extremely entertaining). I am not a good dancer but at least know it and don’t take myself seriously when busting a move.

That’s all I got for now, maybe I will expand on this again, because there are many more funny/good/bad things about people watching.


  1. Omg this was funny! What is with some people??? Those weirdo toe shoes freak me out too!

  2. FACT: people in OR treat their dogs like their humans. FACT: those toe shoes freak me out...:)