A Maltipoo Named Dylan

My cousins' dog Dylan is probably the cutest Malti-poo you have ever seen. He also has the biggest personality you have ever seen. At any point in time for no reason Dylan can go from an innocent little ball-o-fluff to cujo in 0.5 seconds flat! Dylan has had a rough life in his short time span on Earth. He has had multiple father figures, lived in many homes, recently recovered from anorexia, has nappy hair, and has had a near death experience and was almost eaten by a coyote. Recently while on our Cabo Family Vacay, we decided that if Dylan could talk he would have a British accent. 

Below are some pictures of Dylan and what he most likely is thinking in them:  
(Say these quotes in your head or preferably out loud in your best British accent!)

 "Bloody Hell, who changed my water from Pellegrino to sink water?!"

 "Crikey! Was is the meaning of life? Oh yes I remember, cheese. " 

"muaaaahahhaha my masta is such a fool! She falls for this look every time, sucka!"

"I will ask nicely once, just hand over the tea and crumpets and no one gets hurt."

 "My life is in shambles"

 "This humidity is complete bollocks."

 "Stop gallivanting around and get me some Pellegrino."

"If my masta calls me her prince one more time I'm going to lose it."

 "No everything is not hunky-dory masta, I have dingle-berries everywhere!"

"Oh fiddle sticks, I forgot my knickers again!


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