Falling into Fall

 As some of you may have noticed, fall is unfortunately just around the corner and the sidewalks are about to become a walking disaster for pedestrians like me. I usually have one good major slip (luckily have never had a face to face meeting with the pavement), but the beautiful leaves will eventually fall and those leaves plus the the rain will equal a slippery slope for those of us wearing fabulous boots and not running shoes with a skirt or dress pants. This is actually one of my many pet peeves, (yes I have many pet peeves, don't judge). I just don't understand why women choose to wear gross ratty gym shoes with their work outfits on. Yes, you may be actually walking far to get to your job, that doesn't mean there aren't cute flat ballet flats you can wear instead of those heinous things. Anyway, I thought I would compile an early list of fun boots for the fall and winter that is a'commin whether we want it to or not. I made this little list for the girl on a budget who doesn't have $700 to spend on a pair of boots. These are cheap and equally as fab as the expensive ones. Enjoy!

Love the fun color of these burgundy shoes


These are fun military inspired tall boots

 These come in a few different colors

I just got these a month ago @ Target, LOVE!

Great sassy boots
 Perfect pair of simple black boots with a slight heel

Super fun rose colored booties perfect to pair with some tights and a fall dress or shorts
Another fun bootie great to wear with some awesome skinny jeans or shorts
HELLO!!! How amazing are these rain boots with a wedge?! Amazing.
Extra sassy thigh-high boots for any occasion
That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed seeing a little Nicole Marie Fall boots sneak peek. More to come later of my fav Fall dresses and coats!


  1. Omg yay love your blog updates!!! You did some serious work on it today missy! And the picture linking totally worked too, I think you'll have to teach me now haha. Good work, I'm impressed!

  2. I love those 'any occasion' thigh highs! LOL

  3. I like how "thigh high" are for "any occasion" really? lol But I do love the wedge rain boots! ok I like all the boots you chose...and as usual...I accept hand me downs...:)