Santa and Frosty Came to Play

Christmas is here and I am so excited. I just love everything about it; I love the smell of pine and cinnamon in the air, the sparkling lights at night, hanging with my family, seeing jolly people about, the red and green colors that no one dares to wear any other time of year and the amazing energy in the air.

For my Christmas nails I went a little crazy. First I painted them all red with NYC Madison Avenue. After that dried I painted 3 of my nails with one coat of this gorgeous Wet n Wild 24 Carats glitter polish which I love because it has different shapes of glitter in it. My middle finger I attempted to freehand Frosty with my new dotting tool (little harder than I thought he's not perefect). Then I made a Santa just like Je T'aime's.




A Statement–Making Necklace

Hello my loyal followers. I want to start out by saying you all are amazing and I appreciate all the love through my first few months of blogging. I am still trying to figure this all out and get my self set in my Blogger ways. :) Wanted to share with you guys how I am on Sears' style blog, check it out searStyle. If you scroll down a bit you will see me under "How to Wear: A Statement–Making Necklace". I was pretty excited even though I think I don't look so cute in this pic and my name is no where to be found! haha Still fun and exciting!!

That's me on the left! :)


I Was Nice!

Christmas came early for this lucky gal! I just got a new camera from my Dad and Natalie for Christmas and am SOOOO excited to play around with it. I have been wanting a good camera for a while now and the time has finally come.

It was a long process to find my perfect camera, so many decisions to be made: do I get a Nikon or a Canon, do I really need an HD 1080p video on it, what model do I get, what lens do I need, what does all of these technical terms mean. Soooo many things to know about buying a camera like this. I did a lot of research and found an amazing deal on this Nikon D5100 and couldn't pass it up. I was told it was a great beginner camera that I could grow with so I was sold.

I have been playing around with it and am loving it so far! I will update with some pics taken from the new camera soon!!



Snowflake Nails

I thought I would get into the holiday spirit and do some winter/xmas nails and thought since it is FREEZING here it was appropriate to make some snowflakes on my nails; after all, it is cold enough to snow! I free handed all of the snowflakes then topped the white ones off with a blue jem. Happy holidays!



Grid Work

I recently asked for my birthday for a Konad Stamping Nail Art tool and my amazing cousin Melissa(and hubby Jon) got it for me! I was so excited. Note to anyone: Konad is located in Singapore so your credit card may possibly freeze, your bank may or may not call you for fraudulent charges and it may take a while for it to make its long trek to your house. But I think it is totally worth it!

I started with my base color from Essie's Fall Collection, Lady Like. The bottle looks like it would be a light pink then I put it on and whoa, it was more of a nude color. Was a good surprise though, its a great basic nude, which I don't have!

After the color was fully dry I grabbed the stamper, scraper and special nail polish. Note: you cannot use just any 'ol polish, you have to use their special polish. You can buy great starter kits that come with the basics.

 I have a few different plates and thought I would try plate M57 and do the mesh looking like lines in white.

Here are the steps to stamping:
Step 1: Paint the plate with the special polish
Step 2: Quickly grab the scraper, angle it and scrape off excess polish.
TIP: You will quickly learn how not to waste the polish by painting half the plate image then scraping the rest into the other cracks
Step 3: Immediately grab the stamp tool and press it by rolling it over the image plate 
Step 4: The image is now on the stamp tool so as quickly as you can transfer the image to your nail
TIP: I am saying quickly for all of this because this special polish drys extremely fast

Not gonna lie, it was a little harder than I expected at first and only did one nail out of ten perfectly. haha! Once you do it a few times you will get the hang of it. I think the end results are pretty fun!


Duckie Nails?!

I recently got the 2011 Essie Fall Collection for my birthday, which includes 4 mini bottles of fabulous Fall colors. I decided for my next nail session to use three of the colors, why not right? After I painted them I thought to myself, hmmm the pattern and colors kind of remind me of ducks hahah!

Main color: Carry On
Second color: Very Structured
Third color: Power Clutch


Simple and Fun

Just a normal day attire in sunny California!

Outfit: Dress - F21, Shoes - Qupid (Lulu's)