About Nicole Marie

Nicole Marie Who?! That's me! To get you up to date on the last 27 years of my life, I will give you a quick synopsis: On November 14, 1983, I was forced out of the birth tunnel into the world greeted by my Caucasian mother and very Colombian father.  The beginning of my demise began approximately 2 years later on November 13, 1985 (YES a day before my birthday) when my parents welcomed my little angry brother into the world. Since then, I have grown to love the following: My brother, making fun of uncomfortable situations, traveling, my cousin's malti-poo Dylan, SHOES, my Droid when its working, Sunday night family dinners, laughing so hard no noises come out so I sit there clapping like a retarded seal, cooking, MORE SHOES and fashion. I am on the cusp of a life change and I thought it would be appropriate to allow everyone in the world to witness my ups and downs exactly how I see them. Just as a warning, the invisible string that says "socially unacceptable", which connects my thoughts to my voice (or in this case, my fingers), apparently does not exist. However, this "gift" I have been given is exactly what is going to keep you coming back for more.