Napoleon the Alpaca

Yesterday as I was happily strolling along in the sun downtown on my way to do a little..........ummmmm I can't say (*cough*shopping*cough*), I came across a new best friend. Meet Napoleon the Alpaca!!

We immediately locked eyes and it was love at first sight. I saw him from afar and thought, who is this amazing creature wearing the best flare I have ever seen on an alpaca (not like I have seen that many alpacas dressed up), but he was dressed to the nines and I loved it. His fur (wait, is that what alpaca's have, fur? or is it hair, or wool?) was so soft and perfectly groomed.

Napoleon is actually a therapy alpaca. He has a very important job where he visits schools, hospitals, senior communities, and rehab facilities helping people through tough times. I immediately asked if they needed volunteers, I mean, hello!! How fun would it be to dress up Napoleon and take him around town to help put smiles on peoples faces! I think the lady was a little scared of me though and hesitantly said yes they need volunteers sometimes. I have already sent an email on why I am the perfect volunteer for this job.

I later visited Napoleons Facebook page and discovered he has even more amazing, stylish and crazy outfits. You can even hire Napoleon to come to your theme party dressed up! I also later discovered while looking on the Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas website that Napoleon got to shake hoofs and be personally dressed by Seth Aaron! For those of you who don't know who Seth Aaron is, he is a Project Runway WINNER and is from Vancouver, WA (only 7 minutes or so from downtown Portland). Napoleon was a "Mystery Model" in the DoveLewis fashion show. This little alpaca is only 3 years old and is more famous than me already, what gives. Oh yeah, he's pretty cute, I'll give him that.

 Hopefully me and my new bestie will get to see each other again soon and frolic through the daisy fields with our matching sequined vests and fanny packs on singing, "cuz we are beessssttttt friends!"! 

UPDATE: I failed to mention Napoleon also has a Twitter account, you can follow him @RojoTheLlama!!!


  1. I literally just died. I hope to god this becomes your new job!

  2. hahaha I seriously love him. Can we rent him for the day and just walk him around Portland pretending he's our pet?? And dress him in whatever we want?? Those outfits are sooo amazing!!!