Cousin's Corner: The Story of Us

Dictionary.com defines "Family" as, "A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family."

That's us... A "traditional normal family"!

Growing up, I have always believed that my family was very traditional. 

My family migrated here by wagon from the depths of Colombia in the late 1970's. 

My strong, brave father was the first to come. 

"Exhibit 1" 

Being the eldest son, my father was sent on this dangerous journey to the United States by my grandmother and grandfather to make sure it was safe for the rest of the family to follow. 

When he arrived, he was greeted with great admiration and respect. He was tired from his long trip, but was too excited to rest and immediately began to explore his new surroundings. 

"Exhibit 2"

By the really late 70's and really early 80's, my father's angry little brother also found his way through the jungles of Colombia right to the beaches near my father. 

"Exhibit 3" 

They were (and still are) the best of friends!

"Exhibit 4" 

Soon thereafter, both boys turned into men, found themselves some women, 
got hitched and started creating what is now
Cousin's Corner!

AND Then There Were THREE
(Note- Technically There are Four, But 
my Other Cousin is a Monkey Named Bryan that Can't Type)

"Exhibit 5" 
He is really cute though and just because he is a monkey doesn't mean that we love him any less. 

The eldest of the three is my beautiful other half, my Sister, Melissa Marie.

"Exhibit 6"  

(Note- I can't tell whether that baby she is holding is 
Nicole or my monkey cousin before he was fully matured, but it is one of the two.)

A couple of years later, my aunt and uncle loved my sister so much, that they decided to have a little daughter of their own. They named her Nicole Marie. 

"Exhibit 7"   
Finally, I was born, Christina Marie!!! 
I brought happiness and joy to everyone around me. I always had a smile on my face and my family describes me as perfect (even until this day!). 

"Exhibit 8" 

As the three of us, including monkey, have grown up, 
our parents have always maintain the importance of our strong family unit.
One way our parents illustrate this is by having traditional "Sunday Night Dinners". When we are all in town, we get together on Sunday night and eat as a family unit.
I have attached some photographs to illustrate what a traditional Sunday night dinner looks like at our house.
"Exhibit 9" 
(We have family contests during Sunday Night Dinners-Wig Contest 2010) 

"Exhibit 10" 
(We give out snuggies for the winner

"Exhibit 11" 
(And then we gather around the table and watch Tickle-Me Elmo entertain my father and uncle.)
 There you have it!

We are just like every typical, traditional family. 

Welcome to our life and welcome to Cousin's Corner!

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