Living Life on a Whim

Being recently unemployed has been such an amazing experience and I know it sounds crazy but I have not been this happy in a long time. I love being able to live life in the moment and do things on my own schedule and not have to worry about working a boring Monday through Friday 8-5 job. I always knew I was not cut out for the normal working world, having a boss and a set schedule where I also have to sit for 8 hours a day does not work for me. I honestly would be fine working 80 hours a week as long as it’s on my time, with no boss and doing things for me and not someone else. I plan to take full advantage of this unemployment time and I definitely have so far.

My most recent fun last minute adventure was with my good friend Ali Murphy. Saturday was a beautiful day so I texted her to see what she was up to, she said she was thinking of heading to the beach where her parents have an awesome house one block from the beach. Three hours later we were off to Rockaway Beach for the night. As many of you may or may not know, the Oregon beaches are not really your typical beach. You wouldn’t say, hey lets go to the beach and lay out all day and go swimming. It’s more like, hey lets go to the beach and walk around in full jackets. We arrived around 8pm to a fresh seafood buffet caught and prepared by her parents and aunt and uncle. It was amazing, I can live off seafood only if I could. After dinner we sat outside by the bonfire making s’mores and sipping on zesty summer beer until the wee hours of the nite.

The next morning we got up and had a nice breakfast in “town” (a tiny yet adorable little street) and did a little vintage shopping (another favorite shopping time of mine), then we hit the beach to go geocaching (a treasure hunting adventure you can do from anywhere in the world, check it out). Boy did we get lucky on our long walk on the beach with one of the few gorgeous days the coast sees. There was no wind at all (which is extremely rare), the sun was shining bright and warm (I could have had a first and worn a bikini on the beach that day had I have one with me), and was accompanied by great company with a pup named Rex. After the long walk on the beach, and our failed geocaching attempt, we went back to the house and played a few rounds of Skip-Bo. Soon after, the parents arrive home from another fishing excursion all day and spoil us with another amazing seafood feast with that days catch. I was in heaven. After inhaling many sea creatures and M&M’s, we were off headed back to Portland and exhausted from a fun unexpected 24 hours. I am love living life on a whim!

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