Dress to Impress

If you are anything like me, then I am sure you go through the same dress fiasco I go through every year as well, finding THE perfect New Years Eve dress. What girl doesn’t want to ring in the New Year looking and feeling fabulous! Unfortunately, December comes faster than lightening and all of a sudden it’s almost Christmas and you have no dress for New Years. Well this year think early because there are some fabulous dresses out there right now. For those of you who were obsessed as much as I was with my 2010/2011 New Years Eve dress, good news……..it’s back and available for sale. This dress was nothing short of amazing. Not only did I look amazing, if I don’t say so myself, it was comfortable as well. I wore this dress with some equally amazing Steve Madden all gold and beautifully glittered open toe pumps. I felt like a sparkly gold ball of shiny glitter and all things fun all night, great way to start the New Year. So for those of you wanting to get ahead of the game this year and don’t want to run around the mall the day before New Years as your slowly ripping your hair out in search of that perfect dress (chances are you won’t find it), than get this fabulous piece of clothing. Enjoy!! Check out the amazingness here.


Well, well, well. Here I am writing my first blog. People have been telling me to write a blog for years but I have always made excuses for not making one. Not anymore, here I am, ready to share my uncensored life with the world!! Hope you all enjoy reading all about my explorations of life, fashion, travel, people and more.