Weekend Finds

This weekend was a pretty good shopping weekend. My friend Sarah and I decided to do a little vintage shopping on the Eastside of Portland on Sunday and I think I came out pretty successful and had a ton of fun! Check it out!

Vintage $8

 Vintage $8

Vintage Capezio $5
Sans Souci FREE (exchanged some old clothes at Buffalo Exchange)

Chinese coin bracelet and necklace charm $1.70
Old Navy FREE (exchanged some old clothes at Buffalo Exchange)

I scored on this one!

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New Sweater

It has been a while for a fashion post, too long! Since my beloved Sara, who I normally do fashion pictures with, is now living the fab life in SoCal, I have not had many chances for a friend to do a few fashion photoshoots.

Not to worry though, I now have a brand new camera and a tripod so I can document my outfits all by myself!! Sorry, the scenery will not be as fun as the Portland outdoor scenes as before, I will probably be doing this in the comforts of my home. I am not comfortable running around Portland with my tripod taking shots of myself looking like a crazy person running back and forth back and forth to the camera to make sure it came out ok ;D

Sweater: F21,  Button-up and shorts: H&M, Shoes: Panhong


How to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Nothing is more annoying than spending a ton of time painting your nails to perfection and then they are destroyed in 2 days. Here are a few tips to help them last longer!

  • Get a good top coat!!!
    • A good top coat works wonders. I use Seche Vite
      • I love it because it is extremely strong and makes my polish stay on a few extra days than some other brands I have tried. 
      • It majorly helps harden your polish faster which is key for this impatient girl!
      • It helps hide flaws that may have happen while you were decorating you nails and will even help hide a tiny smudge as well.
(I get it from Walgreens)
    • If just the tips and/or corners are beginning to chip, easily turn it into a french tip with another color polish or glitter or even do a design.
    • If it is starting to look a little raggedy, grab a great glitter polish and use a coat of that to top off your manicure. It will give a freshness to the manicure and hide the raggedness.
    • A good base coat is a good idea too. It will also help keep your nails healthy. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength.

    • When you are actually putting on your top coat from the beginning, make sure you are actually getting the tips of your nails with the top coat. See below
    • Put on a fresh top coat every other day. 
    • Put at least two coats if not three of your polish on initially. 
    Good luck on making your fabulous mani last longer!!


      Missoni Inspired

      I went shopping the other day and got some fun new colors I thought I would try out together. I have been looking for a great gold glitter polish but found this awesome one instead. It is "Bite Me" by Pure Ice. The tips are "Fushia" by Love & Beauty. These are inspired by the classic Missoni print!


      New Shoes

      For some reason it seems like forever since I have gotten new shoes but in reality it has been about 2 weeks, Hi my name is Nicole and I am a Shoeaholic. For x-mas my Secret Santa got my present a little late so when I got back home to Portland the shoes he ordered me for x-mas were waiting at my door. At first I was like bummer, I have to wait another week and a half to get them but now I kind of liked it because then it is like x-mas again in January!! Who doesn't like that?! Not only did I get the below shoes from Santa, but also got a pair of tan wedge booties!!

       Shoes: Qupid from GoJane.com


      It's a Dot Dot World

       After the amazing holiday I just had I was in a fun colorful mood so thought I would grab some fun colors, grab my dotting tool and dot away!!

                                                                    Colors used:
                                                                    Forver 21 - Purple
                                                                   Cover Girl - Fuchsia Affolant
                                                                   Essie - Lady Like
                                                                   Sally Hansen - Mint Sortbet & Naturel White

      UPDATE: Doing all these dots actually didn't take as long as I would have thought they would. I first tried it only on my ring fingers to see how it would turn out but once you get into the flow of it it took me no time at all! :)