Get To Know Me ABC’s

Age: A girl never tells. JK That’s what old people say. I am 27 almost 28. A weird age I feel like.
Brother: I have a younger but bigger brother who is a mini but not so mini version of my fasha.
Chore I hate: All of them, I hate cleaning, doing dishes and doing the laundry.
Dreams: To travel all over the world without a care.
Essentials: I cannot live without my shoes, mascara, chapstick, a mirror, food (I eat a lot, this is not just a survival thing) and TV.
Favorite color: I honestly don’t know. I love purple but I don’t wear it or have anything purple. So I guess I would have to say my favorite color is black, and yes it is a color. I wear lots of black. I am working on trying to expand my color palette.
Gold or Silver: This is a tough one. I have gone through phases where I only like gold and hated silver and phases when I loved silver and hated gold. Currently at this moment I love them both and even wear them together sometimes!
Hair Color: Naturally blond, errrrrrrrr, well I used to be.
Inspiration: Culture, colors and duh, fashion.
Job: Professional unemployed  human, entrepreneur and blogger.
Kodak moment: Me in Hawaii.

Live: In Portland, Oregon (yes it is currently raining).
My favorite accessory: An amazing big chunky necklace is my weakness. The bigger and chunkier the better.
Nicknames: Cole, Coley, RPC, Small Brain, Thing 2, Giraffe (pronounce her-aff-ee) and Nikki if your name is Teddy.
Over It: So over this whole no summer thing that was taken away from me here. My skin did not get enough real rays this “summer” and that depresses me.
Pet peeve: Ahhhhh my favorite subject. I honestly have way too many to share on here but I will tell you a few of my top ones! 
     1. People who chew gum or eat with their mouth open, come on people! I do not
         want to see your food while you are eating a hot dog or hear the disgusting 
         slap noises your gum makes as you chew it like a cow. 
     2. People who are slow. If you walk slow, think slow or move slow (excluding 
         old people and the handicap) it annoys me. 
     3. People who have no common sense. 
     4. People who don’t have basic manners: please, thank you, excuse me in case 
         you forgot. 
     5. People who wear Teva’s with socks.
Quote I like: “The only thing constant is change” - Buddha
Ring flare: I also LOVE a great loud ring. I love to have a giant piece of flare as I call it sparkling amongst my fingers. It can really help pull together an outfit too. Specially if the outfit has a lot going on but just needs that one small touch of something to finish it. A ring can do that for you.
Spiders: They are my kryptonite. I literally begin to shiver, get goose bumps and almost pass out when I see one in my house. I can’t get near them, I definitely can’t kill one and I can’t stop thinking about them for hours after. Yes, I have cried while attempting to kill them when no one else is around to kill them for me.
Time I wake up at: hahaha you don’t want to know. Sometimes 10, sometimes 11, sometimes 11:30!
Umbrella: It has officially been taken out of hibernation.
Vegetables: I actually love them all! When I was a child that’s a different story, but I am now a bonified vegi lover. I would call myself a vegetarian but I do love me all kinds seafood.
What’s next: Moving to Europe next year! Ohhhhh ya!
Xanax: I could use one right about now.
Yorkshire Terrier: I want one yet know that I am too irresponsible for this little yet large responsibility these days. Not to mention the vet bills are killer.
Zoo animals I love: My most recent trip I fell in love with the otter that didn’t want me to leave, the giant orangutan who gave a good show and the monkey who was picking the bugs off of his friends head and eating them. 


  1. Are you kidding??? You forgot to put TIGER for Zoo Animals!!! You wanted to be a tiger trainer!

  2. This is such a cute idea!!! <3 I might just have to steal it! ;)

    xo Karisa


  3. I really like your blog! Just found it! :)

    I am thinking about adding one of these ABC's to my blog... its a great way to get to know someone QUICKLY!