TEN Facts of Nicole Marie

Oops, sorry, haven't posted in a few days I was kind of lazy I guess. Anywho, thought I would share a little Nicole Marie 411.

1) I use sunscreen on my face everyday, even in the winter.

2) I have a bad habit of running my fingers through my hair and pulling out all the loose hairs. I hope I don’t go bald faster because of this.

3) I hate working out with a passion. The mere thought of it makes me cringe. I go through phases though, a month from now I could turn into a work-out-o-holic.

4) I'm a foodoholic. I love Mexican, Thai and Japanese food. I hate American food.

5) I love Reality TV. I can't help it. Something about it gets me going.

6) I own just over 100 pairs of shoes and yet I still don’t have enough.

7) My shopping addiction is getting worse and worse, maybe it’s time to change careers and be a personal shopper or stylist so I can shop for others and not spend all my own money. Might help satisfy the craving, then again, it could make me want to shop more. Shoot.

8) I want a puppy badly but I couldn’t even handle two fish. After a week I tried to flush them down the toilet before my boyfriend stopped me.

9) I love everything Disney. I love DisneyWorld, Disney Movies and Minnie Mouse.

10) I have a special pillow that I travel with everywhere. I have taken it all over Europe, Central and South America, Mexico and all over the US. Sensitive neck.

Extra Surprise: Tetter-Totters make me laugh uncontrollably.


  1. First time on your blog and the timing couldn't be better to learn more about you. :) By the way, I don't think there's ever enough when it comes to shoe collection. They are way too beautiful. :)

  2. What a nice list, and its my first time here. love that you love Disney. I love Disney too, especially the movie Beauty and the Beast <3


  3. love your post, thanks for your comment and by past for my blog!