Lacy Madness

I love me some lace and heard of people putting it on their nails so I thought I would try it rather than using the fake lace stick-ons.  I have to say, it def would have been a lot easier to just buy those dang stick-ons but the end result of mine are probably better looking and I have to say I am loving the real lace.

First what I had to do was the tedious task of cutting out 10 of these. Was harder than it looks.

Once cut out, I put on a few coats of my color (FushiaRama by Wet n Wild) then let dry but not dry all the way. Once it was to the point it was almost dry I began to put the lace on each finger pressing it into the polish so it is sticking a bit. After I put on all the lace I put on a ton, and I mean a ton of top coat so the lace doesn't get rough and scratchy. And then voila! Real lace nails.

I love it too because every nail is different! So fun.


  1. Thanks for following us! : ) We follow you now too.

    OMG this is so cool ... LOVE it!

  2. Nicole, that is original girl!!! I bow to you! I know that was tedious and took some time. Great job and what a cute and unique look. ((HUG)) Have an awesome Monday!

  3. wow, Cant believe u could put a lace in ur nail, its amazing!!! <3

    and i also have to say, that Im in love with ur tribal chocker from 2 posts ago!!! its sooo divine!


  4. Fun!! Laces are huge this season. xoxo

  5. Your nails are amazing! It is one of the coolest projects I have ever seen and I will definatley be trying it,

    Lacey xoxo


  6. I tried it too, only I used black lace with a gold polish. It definitely didn't come out as well as yours did. But you've inspired me to give it another go. I also tried those stick on ones and they lasted for about two weeks.


  7. I just saw this in NY! It looks good! Did it stay on??