Artsy Nails

This weeks nail art inspiration is a little bit of Halloween with a chic twist to it. Almost like a sophisticated spider web I guess you can say. All I did for this was paint my nail the base color then took my new Art Deco skinny polish and paint the lines over it in no particular pattern.

I really like the new base color I got. It called Plaza Plumberry and has the perfect amount of plum in it. It's not quite black but not too plum.


  1. Hey Nicole! Plum is an excellent alternative to black! Wonderful Halloween look for your nails. Love it!!! :D

  2. Hi Nicole! Thank you for your comment ^_^ I was flpping through your previous entires and noticed that you are a Portlander! I went there for college (Reed) and recently moved back to California for family and my job. I recognize some of the sites you have in your photos too! I really love Downtown PDX but the rain last year got to me and I had to have more Vitamin D in my life. The gloomy weather also provoked me to be frumpy and less stylish, but it seems like you aren't phased at all!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to have new friends :)


  3. Cute nails !
    i just discovered your blog and i really like it !


  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
    I really like this nail design! You also have a lovely blog!
    Followed you, hope you will follow me back!


    ♡ M

  5. That is really pretty!! Love your blog, followed*

    Follow me back? :)


    -ariel* xoxo