Keeping it Sparkly

Wow, its been quite a few days since I have blogged, traveling got me all mixed up and off. I'm settled in now and decided to finally paint my nails. I had attempted to paint them on Wednesday before I left, (notice attempted) but it went terribly wrong. I was going to do a double french tip in fun colors I just got for my birthday, but the french tip stickers I used made the tip colors bleed and was a mess so I had to completely redo my nails. Unfortunately I had no time left so I just opted for a plain mint color.

Now that I have time I finally painted them while watching the 49ers kick some tooshie! The base is Light Gray by F21 and the glitter is by Cosmetic Arts who I got as a b-day gift from my friend Lisa!. I love glitter because one it is so pretty and two it is pretty hard to mess it up. I free handed this glitter paint job and this glitter is super chunky so it was easy to work with. They are even better in person! =)


  1. I love glitter polish! Loved the way you painted yours. :) Wishing you a great Monday Nicole.

  2. So fun! And happy happy birthday to you!