Saturday was our second ever Portland Blogger meet up thanks to my friend Sara. She began getting Portland Bloggers together about a month ago to meet each other and talk about our blogs, life, fashion and fun. The first time we all met, there was about 13 of us and met at a restaurant for brunch. This time, we all met at mine and Sara's community room and did a brunch+craft day. There was about 25 of us this time! We had a ton of food and thanks to Jenni we had some really fun crafts to do. One of them was this simple and adorable hair accessory.

Start by getting some thin yarn that you can get from any craft or fabric store. (The same yarn we used to make bracelets out of as kids, oh ya, you remember!) Next buy some hair clips you can purchase almost anywhere.

Pick a color and begin to wrap it around two teeth in a criss cross motion (or simply wrap it around), then move down a few teeth and continue wrapping around with another two teeth until you go across the entire top with your first color. Cut it off and start your next color cinching off the first colors' end by wrapping it into the second color. Continue this with as many colors as you would like and in any pattern you like. Once you finish, cinch the last color off with a dot of glue on the back.

The top one is mine and the other two are ones that got left behind. =(

There are many ways to wear the clip in your hair, you can see two easy ways below. The bun is held there solely by the clip itself!

Have fun crafting, I know I did!

I did not have a camera but I have a few from Sara's. I will hopefully post more from some of the other girls camera's soon!


  1. Great post. Sure you enjoy...


  2. Cute! I didn't get to see some of the finished products... I'm so glad that you put up hair examples because I am terrible at figuring out how to use those in my hair! It was really nice meeting you at the Meet Up!

  3. How fun! I love this! Make me one please. Can't wait to see you!


  4. I think its fab to connect with bloggers in your area. You ladies look like you had a great time! Love the project! It's a beautiful adornment for your hair. :D

  5. I had so much fun with that quick little craft. Great ideas on how to wear the clip!

    I didn't get a chance to chat with you at the meet-up (I had to leave super early), but maybe next time!


  6. It was great to see you again! Looing Fab and Gorgeous! Your hair clips are just adorable.
    I love how you used them in all your hair up! soo cute!


  7. very crafty! i would have never wanted to use clips, but those look nice and easy to use <333!


    - teeney