Grid Work

I recently asked for my birthday for a Konad Stamping Nail Art tool and my amazing cousin Melissa(and hubby Jon) got it for me! I was so excited. Note to anyone: Konad is located in Singapore so your credit card may possibly freeze, your bank may or may not call you for fraudulent charges and it may take a while for it to make its long trek to your house. But I think it is totally worth it!

I started with my base color from Essie's Fall Collection, Lady Like. The bottle looks like it would be a light pink then I put it on and whoa, it was more of a nude color. Was a good surprise though, its a great basic nude, which I don't have!

After the color was fully dry I grabbed the stamper, scraper and special nail polish. Note: you cannot use just any 'ol polish, you have to use their special polish. You can buy great starter kits that come with the basics.

 I have a few different plates and thought I would try plate M57 and do the mesh looking like lines in white.

Here are the steps to stamping:
Step 1: Paint the plate with the special polish
Step 2: Quickly grab the scraper, angle it and scrape off excess polish.
TIP: You will quickly learn how not to waste the polish by painting half the plate image then scraping the rest into the other cracks
Step 3: Immediately grab the stamp tool and press it by rolling it over the image plate 
Step 4: The image is now on the stamp tool so as quickly as you can transfer the image to your nail
TIP: I am saying quickly for all of this because this special polish drys extremely fast

Not gonna lie, it was a little harder than I expected at first and only did one nail out of ten perfectly. haha! Once you do it a few times you will get the hang of it. I think the end results are pretty fun!


  1. Nicole, it is definitely worth it! Girl, your nails look amazing. I love it! Have an awesome weekend chicadee! :D

  2. LOVE this! i need one of these in my life... like... ASAP <3!!


    - teeney


  3. This is SO COOL! I love it! I totally want this as a Christmas present now :)

  4. Hello Nicole! I just found out about bloggers Christmas party that you guys had recently... through Olga of Vintagepretty... I'm from around here too and I would like to get invited to next get-together if you dont mind...

    Love your blog and following, check out mine and follow back if you like!

  5. Love it!!
    so beautiful! gotta try it!

  6. Bring your nail kit when you come home! I desire my nails to look like yours! xoxoxo

  7. great job!!! i love konad prints!!