Valentine's Day Gift Idea's

Honestly I feel like Valentine's Day is just a Hallmark holiday used to sell lots of candy, cards and flowers in an otherwise slow but steady market. Usually I do not participate in any of these Hallmark holidays because I believe you should celebrate your love for one another every day and not just on a day someone tells you to. Anyway, if you would like to participate in the most romantic and love filled holiday of the year, then here are a few fun ideas of things to get your significant other!

1. Get even closer to your loved one in the cold with this adorbs heart shaped mitten made for TWO! It is actually made by a girl here in Portland, and gosh so we need it up here in this 35 degree weather!!

2. These pillow cases are to die for. There are some for every kind of couple, here are a few:

Top Left: "You're Irresistible" Top Right: "No Matter The Miles"
Bottom Left: "Catch My Love" Bottom Right: "My Heart Belongs To You"
Find all these adorable pillows HERE

3. If you want to be dorky yet cute, get these fun shirts to wear together!

  • For this gift you will probably have to hint to him you want this or buy it for yourself and use it as an excuse for being festive. 
  • Vintage Heart Hand Embroidered Locket 

  • Flying Heart Art Print 'The Heart Thief'

  • Super cool phone holder

  •  Vintage Coin Cuff Links

  •  Zebra Wood Sunnies

Enjoy your V-Day with the ones you love!


  1. Awesome post that is for unique gift ideas of a gift on valentines day. I like the pillows cases.

  2. I saw those zebra wood sunnies in the newspaper a while back! What a cool company.

  3. Great gift ideas! SO IN LOVE with those pillow cases! What an adorable idea!

    xox Lara of http://weheartbeauty.com

  4. I love love love the giant mitten!! So cute and cozy. Great round-up! Xo, Kaite

  5. HAHAHA!!! I love the pillow cases. I wish they had them for single people. Girl these holidays are moneymakers.

  6. Stunning post and i love all valentine day gift ideas thanks for shear this ideas.